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Free Download Notepad Full Version

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Notepad2 is a light-weight, free and open source Notepad-like text editor with syntax highlighting for a few commonly used languages. It's based on the Scintilla source code editing component ( and works on NT-based versions of Windows.

Features Notepad2 :

  1. Syntax highlighting: HTML, XML, PHP, ASP (JS, VBS), CSS,
  2. JavaScript, VBScript, C/C++, C#, Resource Script, Makefiles, Java,
  3. Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembly, SQL, Perl, Python, Configuration
  4. Files, Apache Config Files, Batch Files, Diff Files
  5. Drag & drop text editing inside and outside Notepad2
  6. Basic regular expression search and replace
  7. Useful word, line and block editing shortcuts
  8. Rectangular selection (Alt+Mouse)
  9. Brace matching, auto indent, long line marker, zoom functions
  10. Support for Unicode, UTF-8, Unix and Mac text files
  11. Open shell links
  12. Mostly adjustable

New in Version 2.1.19 (released April 10, 2008)

  1. "Line Comment" (Ctrl+Q) and "Stream Comment" (Ctrl+Shift+Q)
  2. "Title Case" (Ctrl+Alt+T) and "Sentence Case" (Ctrl+Alt+S)
  3. "Compress Whitespace" (Alt+P) command reduces spaces and tabs
  4. Original Notepad .LOG feature
  5. /f command line switch to set ini-file (/f0 to omit ini-file)
  6. /p command line switch trumps sticky window position
  7. /p0 uses system default settings for new window position
  8. Move new off-screen windows prior to resizing
  9. Option to skip Unicode text detection (File, Encoding, Default)
  10. Reload file with different default encoding (Ctrl+F8, Shift+F8)
  11. Unsaved documents with just whitespace considered empty
  12. Improved handling of relative path names
  13. File dialog filters can be specified in the Notepad2 ini-file
  14. Type of indent guides can be specified in the Notepad2 ini-file
  15. Track width of displayed text to adjust horizontal scroll range
  16. Selected find results are better scrolled into view
  17. Restore scrolling positions on revert
  18. Ctrl+Back and Ctrl+Del stop at newlines, as usual on Windows
  19. Ctrl+Space doesn't select initial line indentation whitespace
  20. Ctrl+Tab hotkey modified to always insert a tabulator
  21. Increase (Alt++) and decrease (Alt+-) long lines limit
  22. Display long lines limit in statusbar if visual marker enabled
  23. Import and export settings from customization dialog (Alt+I, Alt+X)
  24. Added "Regular Expression" style to JavaScript and Java schemes
  25. Updated filename extension lists with more default types
  26. Updated Python keywords to version 3.0
  27. Simplified SQL keywords (merged from MySQL and SQLite\
  28. Improved compatibility with Windows Vista
  29. Improved visual appearance of toolbar button image
  30. Print margins can be set to "0"
  31. Fixed several bugs with regular expression find and replace
  32. Fixed bug with hanging of recent files dialog
  33. Fixed bug with charset not being saved properly
  34. Fixed bug with display of text selection at the beginning of lines
  35. Fixed bug with cursor movement at the start and end wrapped lines
  36. Updated Scintilla library to 1.76

The above informations is a litle information about Notepad2 2.1.19.I got it from "Notepad2.txt" in Program Files - In Notepad Folder. You must install Notepad2 to read the all informations.

Click link below to downlod Notepad Full Version
Password : MSR
Downlod Notepad2 Full Version

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